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Capacity Building and Leadership

The OYE Model

To fill the gaps left by the Honduran education system, OYE created a Capacity Building and Leadership Program.

Each year, new and returning OYE scholars participate in four months of training that educate them about social issues and develop the leadership skills necessary to become active and responsible participants in civil society as well as Honduran business. The trainings include group discussions, presentations, and team-building exercises aimed at increasing social consciousness, understanding sustainable program models, establishing personal goals, building self-esteem, enhancing problem solving skills, and promoting health and nutrition. OYE sets high expectations for its scholars, and its Capacity Building and Leadership Training Program is meant to provide them with the knowledge, skills, and perspective to enable them to become successful agents of positive change.

The lessons learned during the Capacity Building and Leadership Program enrich and motivate students to become visible leaders within their community.

Capacity Building Classes Capacity Building Classes Capacity Building Classes