Since 2005, OYE has welcomed hundreds of international volunteers to work with young people in Honduras. As OYE has evolved, so has the volunteer experience. We currently offer both week-long volunteer trip opportunities through university programs, as well as volunteer opportunities for individuals, typically for a minimum of four weeks.

OYE offers a unique and rewarding volunteer experience that is based on cultural exchange and collaboration. Based on the principle of responsible volunteering, wee strive to provide a well-rounded experience that leaves all of our volunteers with a better sense of Honduran reality and the opportunity to work alongside young Hondurans to contribute to creative positive change in our community. We accomplish this by engaging volunteers in a diverse array of academic, cultural and community engagement activities, all of which promote dialogue and exchange between volunteers, the young people of OYE and the local community.

In addition to week-long volunteer trips, OYE also offers volunteer opportunities for individuals, ideally for a period of four weeks or more.

If you are interested in learning more about pursuing a volunteer experience with OYE, please take a look at our volunteer information sheet HERE and CONTACT US to express your interest or inquire further.