OYE Youth Win APJ’s “Let’s Overturn Impunity” Video Contest

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On Monday, July 6th, two of OYE’s youth attended an awards event in Tegucigalpa to accept the first place prize for the video they produced and submitted for a video contest organized by the Alliance for Peace and Justice (APJ) to close their campaign against impunity “Let’s Overturn Impunity ” (“Dale Vuelta a la Impunidad”).

The Campaign

Several months ago, the Alliance for Peace and Justice, a coalition of organizations of diverse sectors of civil society in existence since February of 2012, launched the campaign “Let’s Overturn Impunity.” According to APJ:

More than a slogan, the campaign “Let’s Overturn Impunity” was an invitation to leave behind pessimism, frustration and the conformity to the idea that everything is lost. It is a call to dream of a better Honduras, to change the reality, to overturn impunity.

The Contest

During the month of May, they launched a video contest “Crea Tu Versión #DaleVuelta,”, inviting youth from all over Honduras to submit their own version of the #DaleVuelta videos that members of the Alliance have produced throughout the duration of the campaign.

Over the course of a few days, several of OYE’s youth participated in the filming and production of the video, where they shared messages of hope and optimism in distinct places – some of them symbolic, others problematic – in the city of El Progreso. Their principal motivation was to raise awareness and plant a seed of hope in the hearts of young Hondurans of all that is possible in a Honduras without impunity. The video opened with the phrase: “Combating impunity and respecting human rights is essential to establish rule of law in Honduras – and this is precisely what all of us Hondurans who love our country are ready to do! Let’s overturn impunity!” They also used popular phrases, such as this one often attributed to Charles Darwin: “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”


Representatives of OYE at the awards event for the video contest “Crea Tu Versión #DaleVuelta” for their campaign against impunity “Dale Vuelta a la Impunidad.” Photo courtesy of APJ.

Youth coordinator Heidi sharing OYE’s mission to empower youth and provide a platform for them use their voice to create positive change in their schools, communities and country.

The Outcome

Over 20 youth participated submitting a total of 8 videos – of those 8, OYE’s video emerged victorious taking the first place prize, $500 and the broadcast of the video on various national television stations. On July 6th, two of OYE’s youth who actively participated in the video’s production – youth coordinator Heidi and active participant Fernando – attended the awards ceremony in Tegucigalpa to receive the award on OYE’s behalf. Of the contest, APJ Coordinator Omar Rivera said: “The idea is not only to award the video, but recognize and highlight the committment of these youth to present creative ideas that raise awareness among the popoluation on the subject of impunity and the struggle against delincuency and insecurity.

After the event, Heidi and Fernando were interviewed by various national television and radio stations and attended a lunch with the other winners and participants and staff of both APJ and the Association for a More Just Society (ASJ), including Omar Rivera, APJ Coordinator, and Carlos Hernández, ASJ President.


National television station interviewing OYE youth Fernando post-awards ceremony.


Press circle interviewing OYE youth coordinator Heidi post-awards ceremony.


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