NiNis No More

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Did you know that 800,000 youth in Honduras neither study nor work? In Spanish, they are known as the “NiNis” – ni trabajan, ni estudian – and are among the most vulnerable populations of Honduras. Without opportunities to study or work, youth are increasingly vulnerable to violence and exploitation, especially young girls.

If you wonder about OYE’s power to transform young lives, look no further than the Rodriguez brothers. For Alex (18) and Rey (19), attending high school was never a guarantee. Each year, it became increasingly difficult to pay for books, supplies and uniforms. Three years ago, the costs of education became too much to bear, forcing the brothers to drop out of high school before completing the 9th grade.They became 2 of the 800,000 “NiNis”: young, poor, neither working nor studying. Like so many of their peers, their lives could have easily taken a different course: joining a gang or making the dangerous journey north. Instead, Alex and Rey walked through OYE’s doors for the first time this April and discovered a renewed sense of purpose and belonging. They have since become active participants in OYE’s Arte La Calle art program and have proven themselves to be inspiring youth leaders and valuable contributors to OYE’s diverse community-based actions. At OYE, young people often discover and develop talents they never knew they had. Alex and Rey are counted among 19 of OYE’s new scholars of 2015.

On January 16th, we kicked off the year with our annual welcoming ceremony, the Entrega de Becas, where we recognized and welcomed all 74 of our scholarship students and their parents. The event gave new scholars and their families the opportunity to learn more about OYE’s mission and vision, emphasizing the opportunities OYE provides for youth apart from the scholarship, including leadership development and community engagement opportunities in the arts, communications and sports.

The entirety of OYE’s work is dedicated to breaking cycles of poverty and empowering young people to become agents of change and contribute to the positive transformation of Honduras. In an area where so many have failed, OYE’s mission endures. Honduras’ future rests in the hands of its many youth. We thank you for your support and invite you to continue to support OYE to provide opportunities to Honduran youth who choose to stay and build a brighter future in and for Honduras.

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