Our mission is to form socially conscious youth leaders through community action programs to break cycles of poverty. We envision a society where  youth are key actors in the positive development of Honduras.

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The RACE 4 OYE marathon continues!

First off, a huge thank you to all of you who supported Michael Solis’ RACE 4 OYE marathon in Montreal. Because of your support, he raised nearly $2000 to support our work with some of El Progreso’s most promising young leaders.

If you missed the chance to support Michael, don’t fret! The RACE 4 OYE marathon continues! (What is Race 4 OYE, you may ask? Learn more HERE.)

Matt Trybus and Mary Clay Thomas, committed long-time supporters of OYE, are running their fourth RACE 4 OYE at the Richmond Half Marathon. In Matt’s words:

OYE’s work, “to form socially conscious youth leaders through community action programs that break cycles of poverty,” is transformational and your dollars go directly to support scholarships for individual youth and the programs they enhance.

Will you help Matt and Mary Clay cross the finish line? (And give promising youth the opportunity to access education and be agents of positive social change in their communities?)



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